Terms and Conditions

Classique Fireplaces Ltd terms & conditions of sale

Classique Fireplaces Ltd terms & conditions of sale


“Company” means Classique Fireplaces Ltd

“Customer” means the purchaser of goods and/or services from Classique Fireplaces Ltd

“Goods” means all goods sold, delivered and fitted by Classique Fireplaces Ltd to the customer  

“Terms” means these terms and conditions of sale


These terms apply to all contracts for the sale of goods by Classique Fireplaces Ltd

No amendment, alteration or cancelation of these terms is binding on the company 


Our quotations will be held for two months from the original date of the quotation, unless unforeseen expenses do arise, which will be discussed before any work would be carried out.


Payments are to be made to Classique Fireplaces Ltd without any deduction or discounts other than as stated in these terms and conditions. A deposit of £ 500.00 of the invoice price is to be paid when placing the order. Classique Fireplaces Ltd have the right to increase and decrease this by management of Classique Fireplaces Ltd. The balance must be paid in full before or on the day of installation. This can be paid by card, cash or bank transfer.


The goods will not pass to the customer and will remain the property of Classique Fireplaces Ltd until the goods have been paid in full.


If the client wants to cancel the sales contract, Classique Fireplaces Ltd reserves the right, not to refund the deposit as there will be a restocking fee and any delivery costs back to the manufactures. This price will vary depending on the cost and the weight of the product. This will be confirmed and will be payable to Classique Fireplaces Ltd.


Our products come with at least one year’s manufactures guarantee from the installation date, this does not include consumables. This guarantee is void if the product has been misused, overfired or inappropriate fuel has been used. Classique Fireplaces Ltd cannot be responsible for any flooring or skirting boards when carrying out installations. All cast iron front bars will discolour when using an open coal fire, Classique Fireplaces Ltd cannot be responsible for this. All gas fires do come with a guarantee and the onus is on the end user to register the guarantee, Classique Fireplaces Ltd cannot be responsible for this if it has not been done.

Supplying goods only

Classique Fireplaces Ltd cannot be held responsible if goods supplied have a problem, due to poor installation. A call out fee of £72 is  payable to Classique Fireplaces Ltd , also the customer will be charged accordingly if extra parts are needed.